Further gangster-like harassment by “SSE Scottish Hydro” to save themselves tuppence

On 22 March and 3 April we described how one of our correspondents had been receiving threatening letters from scum at “SSE Scottish Hydro”, an electricity company that operates under a license from the British state. After a man called Ian Ross promised that the company would desist, it failed to do so. It has now sent a further thuggish missive to our correspondent, threatening to bring thunderbolts down on him unless he works for the company for free by reading the meter that is located in his house.

Investigators are gathering a dossier on this company’s actions. They have asked us to pass their thanks to everyone who has sent information, including about this character “Ian Ross” and his colleagues on the outfit’s “Executive Complaints Team”.

We include below the third demanding letter from these despicable moneygrabbers, and our correspondent’s response.

Let’s see what more they can come up with. In their fourth letter, will they threaten to cut our correspondent’s balls off?

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