Electricity company calling itself “SSE Scottish Hydro” issues another filthy threat in an effort to coerce its customer to work for it for free

On 22 March we revealed how the moneygrabbing scum at “SSE Scottish Hydro” were too mean to read electricity meters and were trying to coerce customers into doing the work for free. They have since sent a further threatening letter to the same customer who got in touch with us before. Please see the four items of correspondence below.

Note that in the first letter the company says nothing about having tried to read the meter, whereas in their second letter they change their tune and say they have tried to read it. We believe those who are responsible for sending this letter to be lying. The customer is at home most days, and he has certainly not received any notes through his door from a meter reader saying “We tried to read your meter but you were out”. Essentially they are demanding unpaid work with menaces.

He says he will send us a copy of any email he receives from these moneygrabbers regarding this matter, so that we can publish it. We will be happy to.

The first letter the company sent him has the code “MR101A”, with “MR” presumably standing for “Meter Reading”. The second has the code “MR102A”. Let’s see what they can come up with for their “MR103A”. What will they do – threaten to cut him off? Let’s see how far the scum can go before they dip their hands into their bulging pockets and spend some of the extra profits they’ve made from not sending any meter readers to this address for more than a year.

As we said in our previous article, if you receive a letter from an electricity company similar to these ones sent by the entity calling itself “SSE Scottish Hydro”, please consider “writing back telling them to fuck off and saying they can either read their own meter at their own expense or else they can pay you a specified sum for the inconvenience and costs involved in you reading it yourself and then telling them what numbers are shown on it. Tell them if they don’t like it they can fucking well cut you off.

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