What caused the huge jump in reported deaths “with Covid-19” in Britain in December and January?

If you believed the British government and media, you’d think the rulers of Britain had been fighting 20 hours a day for a year to save as many plebeian lives as possible. You’d also believe that owing to their extreme dedication and high level of competence, unequalled anywhere “overseas” except perhaps under the hang’em and flog’em government of Singapore, they have actually been successful – or as successful as could be expected in the circumstances.

You’d also probably think that the reported rate of deaths “with Covid-19” per million population has been lower in Britain than in parts of the the world such as Portugal, South America, and Africa. But in actual fact it has been higher than in all of those places. Yes, higher than in Portugal, Brazil, South Africa, every other country in South America or Africa, higher than in all of the places currently being demonised in the British media.

Far be it from us to trust official statistics, but a comparison between statistics for reported deaths “with Covid-19” in Britain and France tells a different story from the one that’s being injected into minds in Britain. Have a look at these two graphs, taken from “Worldometers“:

Britain and France both have populations of about 67 million people, so a bar on one chart represents not only the same absolute number of reported deaths as a bar of the same height on the other chart, but also the same proportion of deaths per 1 million population.

At the end of November 2020, the two countries reported similar rates of deaths “with Covid-19”. Then something happened in Britain that didn’t happen in France: the rate in Britain trebled in the course of December and January, when in France it stayed roughly constant.

None of the propaganda about how pharmaceutical companies’ vaccines have come to the rescue can get around the fact that whilst the reported death rate “with Covid-19” in Britain fell in February and March, that was only after it had soared during December and January, unlike in France. So if you are celebrating “vaccine success”, you are basically celebrating the fall in the death rate that took place after a huge rise, a fall that has ostensibly put it back to the level at which it remained fairly constant in France all the way through from November to now.

What happened in Britain in December and January that the profiteering scum at the pharmaceutical companies and their helpers in government and “science” have milked so much during the months that followed?

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