Right-wing racist British media subliminally blames black and other non-white nurses for “refusing” vaccination, thus supposedly posing a health risk

Here’s what the Torygraph say, making sure of course that they mention the holy trigraph brand name as often as they think they reasonably can:

Nearly a quarter of NHS staff in London are refusing Covid vaccines

NHS figures show 91 percent of front line staff across the country have taken up jab offer – but that dips to 76 per cent in capital.

Innocent liberal lefties who have never met a working class person on equal terms and who don’t begin to understand propaganda may like to think that this particular “issue” raised in the British media has nothing to do with “race” or ethnicity because those terms are not explicitly mentioned in the headline. [1] Meanwhile they will probably go on about the “North-South divide” in England, without having a clue what ideas it plays on and what connotations the word “London” has in any town in the country that is more than about 50 miles away from Charing Cross.

But let me tell you something: most white-racist consumers of right wing newspapers such as the Daily Mail, the Daily Express, the Sun, and indeed the Telegraph itself will instantly blame black British and other non-white British and foreign nurses (although being white racist pieces of filth they don’t see non-white British people as British) as soon as this kind of article hits what passes for their “brains”.

To fight racism, you’ve got to recognise it first.

  1. The once-upon-a-time mostly left-liberal Guardian newspaper, writing in more bureaucratic language under a headline saying “Vaccine hesitancy in some health workers in England ‘may undermine rollout'”, does mention ethnicity in its strapline: “Vaccination rates lowest among BAME staff, under-30s and those in the most deprived areas, analysis finds.” “BAME” stands for “Black And Minority Ethnicity”. By “minority ethnicity” they don’t mean the kind of “oligarchs” from Russia who attend Royal Ascot or the kind of PhD-wielding “software developers” from the United States who work in London for Google. Leftwingers who don’t notice what’s going on here have no excuse.

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