British mass media tell lies about foreign countries’ plans for “vaccine passports”

British mass-market media organs such as the Daily Mail and the BBC are telling their consumers that the government of Sweden has indicated that it will require to see “vaccine passports” before it lets British people in. It is also stated that the president of the European Union’s Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, has indicated that the EU administration is about to take a similar step. At the moment, this is a lie. Cut-and-paste boys David Churchill and James Franey at the Daily Sieg Heil, the Powellite “newspaper” that supported the torture of women suffragists and the rise of Oswald Mosley’s fascists, are lying cunts. What Von der Leyen has actually stated, using the online US-based advertising company “Twitter”, is this:

We’ll present this month a legislative proposal for a Digital Green Pass. The aim is to provide:
•Proof that a person has been vaccinated
•Results of tests for those who couldn’t get a vaccine yet
•Info on COVID19 recovery

Try reading what it says after the second bullet point. Far be it from me to suggest that the governments of EU member states are any less subservient to the interests of pharmaceutical companies than the poshboy regime is in Britain. Von der Leyen is obviously trying to do her bit for vaccine interests. However, if you actually look at what she has said, she is proposing to require evidence either of vaccination against the 2019 SARS strain or that a person has been tested for it and the test result was negative. She has not said or suggested that British people will need to be vaccinated in order to enter any country, or indeed to avoid quarantine in any country.

Interestingly the Financial Times tells its readers, who generally speaking belong to the bourgeois business class, the truth. Sweden, it says, “will demand negative test results from foreign visitors”. Well a negative test result has fuck-all to do with a vaccine.

As for Daily Mail readers, most of them probably think cloth masks give the wearer a lot of protection against viruses too. Duh! Haven’t they noticed nobody working in a hospital wears a cloth mask?

The best thing is to keep your immune system in good shape so that if you inhale any SARS-CoV2 particles then your body will fight them off very fast and you won’t even notice, because the first line of your immune system’s defence system will be sufficient and no antibodies will even need to be called out, so you won’t get the syndrome of symptoms that is called “Covid-19”. But if you stuff your face with crappy food all the time, don’t bother with fruit and vegetables, don’t get much daylight or exercise, and so on, then you’d probably be better off actually getting the virus rather than allowing them to inject you with one of the vaccines, especially one of the mRNA vaccines such as Pfizer’s. Even if you are a lardarse, you may still beat off SARS without getting to antibody stage. But if you do fall ill with flu-type symptoms because of a SARS infection that doesn’t necessarily mean it will kill you, especially if you’re younger than 70. Just try your damnedest to stay out of an NHS “intensive care unit” if you think the medics have given you a low “Quality of Life” score in your “medical records”, because then you may really find that you’re fucked.

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