Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Ed Davey – Moron of the Week?

The leader of the British political party the “Liberal Democrats” came out today with a classic. He is a spiffing example of a politician whose belief that his audience members are utter morons is so strong and deep that he himself puts on an act as some kind of super-moron to entertain them. Of course like any politician or secondhand car salesman he doesn’t believe a word that comes out of his own mouth, but please, read this, because it does have some amusement value.

Davey has been talking to the Scum, also known as the Sun newspaper. He wants a “bank holiday” (English speak for a public holiday) on 21 June, the day when the Leader of the People, Old Etonian prime minister Boris Johnson, says he aims to remove the last of the pandemic-themed compulsory restrictions on social interaction.

The whole country needs a day off – a great British Summer bank holiday,” says Davey. That’s an exact quote, enclosed by the Scum’s finest within two shiny pairs of inverted commas.

A day off from what, you cretin? Did you even think what the phrase “day off” means? Maybe if you had ever done a fucking day’s work in your shitty bourgeois excuse for a life, you might know.

That is why the Liberal Democrats are calling for a bank holiday to commemorate carers on the day legal Covid restrictions disappear. Hopefully, it’ll be a day for barbecues and picnics but with restrictions over at least we can all go to the pub if it rains!” Yeah, must do your bit for the purveyors of drugs to the lower orders. If you didn’t, your fellow esteemed parliamentarians would laugh at you, and your bank account balances might not look as sweet as they could.

Those who have been coerced and cowed into not visiting their elderly parents for months on end, perhaps wanting to but fearing the police and courts and curtain-twitching informer neighbours, or who haven’t been allowed to hug family members even at funerals, and so on, can smile at the respectful encouragement they are offered by this well-meaning (and oh look. privately “educated”) “liberal” and “democratic” politician, who feels their pain and who realises they will need a “day off” on a Monday in four months’ time.

Perhaps he thinks the plebs have all been working for the last few months, because that’s what plebs do and he hasn’t noticed any absences on the part of his drivers and domestic cleaners?

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