British media declare that 68% of the population support “vaccine passports” for foreign travel…as they sneer at the clothes of a man who tries to leave the “quarantine” captivity in which he has been confined without his suitcase

Acording to the Independent, “Most UK adults [that’s what they call British people nowadays – CZ note] support (the) idea of using Covid vaccine passports, (a) poll finds.” (“Covid”, a collection of flu-type symptoms, is what these pillocks, who can hardly copypaste an article without referring multiple times to “experts” and “scientists”, ludicrously call the strain of the SARS virus that has been going around.)

Meanwhile it is also being widely reported that whereas support for vaccination is sky-high among the native white British, the same is not true among the Black and Asian British, nor among the many East Europeans who live in the country. This in itself accords with what is common knowledge among double glazing and other door-canvassing swindlers, namely that certain kinds of gullibility are much more prevalent among white Sun and Daily Mail-reader types than they are among residents who have other ethnicities, even when they live next door to each other. The deranged crown prince calls the level of reluctance among non-whites a “tragedy”, as the below-the-counter message is ruthlessly circulated that non-whites and foreigners spread disease, while most of the left, including Black Lives Matter, does nothing. (In actual fact, the reported rate of deaths “with Covid-19” per 1 million population has been higher in Britain than in almost every other country in the world. [1] It is higher than in every country in Latin America and Africa. Indeed it is more than twice as high as in Africa’s worst-hit country, South Africa.) It can only be a matter of time – probably weeks at most – before “certain zones” inside certain British cities are “classified as higher-tier”, or, to use more exact terminology, isolated.

Here is the report in the racist and xenophobic Daily Mail rag on Anthony Pium’s attempted walkout from the Radisson Blu Edwardian hotel at Heathrow airport, in which they sneer at him for the tee-shirt he is wearing. They say it cost £325. They’re right it says “Balmain” on it, the name of a fashion brand. For all I know, it may be a £10 counterfeit that Mr Pium bought at a street market. Bear in mind that he does not have many clothes with him other than the ones he is standing up in, going by the sign he is holding saying that they “lost” his suitcase and that he has no “essentials”. It wouldn’t surprise me if the bastards of the press actually gave him that tee-shirt – perhaps using a security guard as an intermediary – and then took photographs of him wearing it, stitching him up. After two or three days wearing the same clothes not knowing where a change of clothing might appear from, most people would jump at the chance of getting a clean new tee-shirt. But what many Daily Mail readers will “take away” from the article is not this kind of basic consideration that would apply to practically every human being, even to a Daily Mail reader if they were to find themselves in such a plight. No. It is that Mr Pium is black, he is contesting the official narrative, he is showing spirit, and he believes he has a right to go to his home in Britain rather than stay locked up without being accused, let alone convicted, of any crime. He clearly believes he has a right to breathe “fresh” air too. That kind of combination does NOT go down well with many members of the boneheaded Powellite pro-Brexit demographic at all. “He’s got it coming to him,” is what such “Fuck you, I’m all right, Jack” racist nationalist pondscum will think.

At least Mr Pium has been successful at getting a short message out. He does not have any essentials with him, because they “lost” his suitcase. That strongly sounds as though it means he does not have a sufficient quantity of clothes for 10 days of internment, and quite possibly he is without toothpaste, a toothbrush, razors, washing powder, soap, reading material, a toilet brush, headache pills, and perhaps also money. This man is not charged with any offence. He is British. He has an eight-year old son who presumably is missing his dad. He reports that he told “them” his bank account number and they tried to take £1750 from him but the payment was declined because he only had £17 in his account. Why should Mr Pium and many others be kept in such conditions? Why the hell should he be made to pay even a single penny for being locked up without charge in breach of what even a year ago many might still have remembered are called habeas corpus rights?


In the nearby Holiday Inn hotel, another detainee, Mohammed Mostafa, also from London, says “This is a horror story. Now I’m here it feels like a prison. They are treating us like animals – I had to fight so hard to get a breath of fresh air outside.” Mr Pium too made a similar complaint: “I have told them I can’t breathe.”

As we wrote in two previous articles (here and here), the non-openability of windows is an extremely serious issue.

The outside air near Heathrow is actually highly polluted, but inhaling it is clearly preferable to breathing in air from a room in the same locality in which a person is confined for 24 hours a day without being able to open a window, let alone change their clothes, during a pandemic.

A third detainee held a handwritten note at the window of his room, saying “I am stressed here, no mobile phone, no access to my bank details to sort bills (…)” That’s another deprivation that can have huge detrimental effects on the wellbeing of those in the growing part of the population who are living hand-to-mouth – if you don’t sort out a bill on time, the utility company scammers grab money out of your bank account anyway, the bank slaps a charge on you for the experience, and you fall ever deeper and deeper into debt.

As the Daily Mail helpfully explain, if an internee tests positive for SARS-CoV2 (or as they put it in their filthy language, if one of the “arrivals” tests “positive for Covid” during their “stay”), they will be subject to an additional charge of £1200, giving a total “bill” of £2966, or £4786 for a family with two adults and two children. That kind of sudden increase in debt could devastate many people.


Just as in other countries, airports in Britain have long been sites of various sorts of scamming and thieving, whether it is with RyanAir’s baggage tricks, bag weighing scams generally, on-flight “charity” collections, the FlyBe technique of telling passengers at the final departure gate that they’ve typed their names wrong and the airline won’t allow them on the plane unless they cough up more money, or the stealing by public officials in Scotland in connection with the “Air Discount Scheme”. Anywhere where hotels, taxis, paid car parks, security contracts, imports, customs checks, certification of various kinds, bottlenecks and expense accounts are involved, there is always an “underside”, whether we are talking about Moscow, Caracas, or London.

Nonetheless, the landscape has changed a lot since 2017 and 2019, when British government interests boasted about arranging the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of British citizens who found themselves stranded in foreign countries when the travel companies Monarch Airlines and Thomas Cook went bankrupt. The bills were sent to insurers, doubtless government officials pocketed a rake-off, and whoever really took the decision was motivated not by “care” for punters’ wellbeing but by not wanting to damage the market for such holidays (and indeed for insurance policies) in the future. But throughout the events the government praised themselves in the yellow media for how they were “looking after Britons”. They didn’t say the holidaymakers should suck it up. They didn’t intern them or demand money from them. It was practically “hug a chav in Bermuda shorts” time in the Tory cabinet. It’s not like that now. Now they are basically fining and imprisoning British people for coming home, an action which obviously makes it more likely that they will stay abroad. (But staying out of Britain may in fact be safer in regard to the risk of viral infection, to say nothing of whatever the ruling scum in Britain are planning to serve up for the next course).

  1. The only countries with higher reported death rates “with Covid-19” than Britain are Belgium, Czechia, and Slovenia, plus the tiny Gibraltar and San Marino. (Source.)

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