Siege tactics against the unvaccinated: are the British authorities about to “allow” supermarkets and public transport firms to deny access to those who can’t “prove” they’ve been injected?

The British government may be about to try and starve the unvaccinated into submission. What else was the meaning when top foreign affairs minister Dominic Raab “let it slip” today that a policy of banning the unvaccinated from supermarkets is under “consideration”?

If you were surprised when the perspex screens went up, you may soon be in for another shock. Is a QR code no use because you haven’t got a smartphone? Then a security guard may tell you to fuck off. You have been injected and you don’t know why the machine isn’t making the right kind of bleep when you hold your paperwork or plastic card (or, soon, your microchipped wrist) under the scanner? And you’ve got hungry children? “Look, love, there’s a queue and I don’t make the rules, OK?”

Much of the current propaganda is talking about letting you go on summer holiday to the south of Spain. Where internal domestic use of “vaccine passports” is concerned, some of it is saying the policy may be applied to “pubs and supermarkets and restaurants”. But the big one here isn’t pubs, restaurants, or shoe shops. It’s supermarkets. Supermarkets have been allowed to remain open during the lockdowns not for leisure or entertainment purposes but for one reason only: they sell food.

Tesco already has signs up at its stores saying “you must shop alone”. Adults looking after children, and children themselves, are being made unwelcome both by Tesco and by its fellow cartel members Sainsbury and Aldi. Some single parents who have tried to enter supermarkets with young children have been told by staff they can only come in if they leave their children outside. Get used to the idea of not being welcome in a food shop even if you can afford to buy food in it.

From tomorrow there will be an archipelago of “hotels” in which people who have entered Britain from a “wrong” foreign country completely lawfully – including British citizens – will be confined to their rooms, policed by security guards and under threat of a heavy prison sentence if they escape before 10 days have passed.

This is the new normal:

● Bans from buying food. (Don’t ask why people are refusing the vaccines, just be glad it’s not you – disobedience is crazy and dangerous.)

● Buildings in which you know people are being kept, and there’s security, but you’re not supposed to wonder too much about who’s in there, or what’s happening to them, or what the idea is with keeping human beings confined in rooms with non-opening windows during a pandemic. (Again, just be glad it’s not you – keep your head down and you’ll be safe. Right? Right?).

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