Wild Man Fischer

Extremely few people have become legends in their own lifetimes. I can think of only four in the last hundred years. None of them gave a toss for traditional success.

Three of them I won’t name: one lived in France stateless, another was born and died French, and the third died a citizen of another European country. Those three all fled across borders at one time or another.

The fourth was born and died in Los Angeles in the United States. He is one of my favourite male voice singers: Larry Fischer, known as Wild Man Fischer.

Here he is, singing “Yesterday” [1]:

And here, singing “My Sweet Little Cathy”, a song he cowrote with Barnes & Barnes:

In this clip he performs the latter song live:


1) The lyrics of the much-covered song “Yesterday” are said to have been penned by some bunch of breadheads or other. Larry’s version is obviously far superior.

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