Britain Quiz, 1: when the “helpy gas” vans roll into the “social housing” estates, what identification letters will they carry on their sides?

When the gas vans, or, as they will more probably be, the “vaccine” vans, finally trundle into the ex-council estates and other poor areas in Britain to “help” local residents “make the right choice”; when the day finally arrives that the British right wing have eagerly awaited ever since the times of Thomas Malthus, Herbert Spencer, Francis Galton, and H G Wells; when the authorities finally “find the courage to do something” about the knot of problems associated with “unnatural” proletarian over-reproduction, cueing an ecstatic feeling of “Our Day Has Come At Last” among headmasters of private schools and readers of the Daily Mail alike – when this happens, which of the following two acronyms do you think is more likely to be painted on the sides of the vans?

a) “NSBWP”, meaning “National Socialist British Workers’ Party” (British chapter of the World Hitler Appreciation Movement)


b) “NHS”, meaning “National Health Service”?

If you answered a) you are probably some kind of politics fan who needs to improve your grasp of class, history, and British specificity.

If you answered b), you got the right answer.

For bonus points, which image do you think is more likely to form part of the logo – a swastika, or a rainbow?

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