When a 74-year-old acts like a spoilt toddler: the triggering of two recent cases of Trumpian infantilism

This article was prompted when I saw an “I’m so well-connected and such an inside tracker it would make you faint” British guy who lives in California, US, ask what on earth Trump’s problem was with TikTok, the Chinese company chaired by billionaire Zhang Yiming.

It’s simple.

Trump wants to beat TikTok up and take a big chunk of its money in retaliation for how he thinks it ruined the launch of his re-election campaign. After boasting that more than a million people had applied for tickets to watch him speak live in Tulsa, he found the actual audience numbered around 6000. Many seats were empty. He then delivered a speech much of which consisted of a fit of “acting out” in which he insisted that he can walk down slopes if they aren’t slippery, and that he can drink from a glass of water one-handed like a big boy. (Sure he can. And he can eat as many sweets as he wants, even just before his dinner.) When he got back to Washington DC he was filmed looking dejected, as if he knew he had lost everything. Obviously the fiasco couldn’t have been his own fault. So whose fault was it? Well, apparently a large number of young TikTok users had registered for the event for a laugh, with no intention of really attending. It was TikTok’s fault!

Want a second recent example of the Trumpian mentality? Here you go…

Right now, Trump is jealous of his Democratic rival Joe Biden for the high “ratings” Biden is getting for keeping the world guessing as to who he will pick as his running mate. In particular, a few seconds of video gained wide circulation in which Biden confirmed that he had already chosen the person and then joked with apparently well-meaning wit that he had chosen the very reporter who had asked him the question. Biden was looking physically fit too, riding a bike – neat propaganda for a 77-year-old which affords little traction to his opponent’s depiction of him as supposedly decrepid. You can almost see green puffs of fury coming from Trump’s ears. That’s why he announced yesterday that he has drawn up a shortlist of two places, the White House and Gettysburg, as possible locations for his “acceptance” of the Republican nomination. (Spot the hubris). “We will announce the decision soon,” he writes. True edge of seat stuff! (But did this former owner of the Miss Universe competition miss a trick? Shouldn’t he have made a list of at least three contestants so he could announce them in ascending order?)

Trump has sky-high recognition and visibility, and almost every non-admirer who follows his antics recognises that he is both deranged and emotionally retarded. So I doubt many who are not gun-toting Trumpian boneheads will disagree with the above analysis. Trump is not playing seven-dimensional Japanese chess. He is flailing.

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