Town hall witch goes crackers: Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon mounts another xenophobic attack

Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland and leader of the Scottish National Party, has declared that people could be arrested who enter Scotland for “non-essential reasons”. Clearly the word “essential” has now entered the vocabulary of the spitting lower middle classes, next door to “hygienic”. What’s not “essential” may well be unwanted, surplus to requirements, extraneous, even dangerous. She knows exactly what she is doing as she conjures up an image of border guards turning away drivers at the border because they’re English. She doesn’t say it openly, but that’s what she intends her audience to hear when she blows the “dogwhistle”.

The reasons why she supports the retention of certain lockdown restrictions for longer in Scotland than in England are twofold.

First, her grandstanding plays to “Scotland versus England”, which is the worldview of many of the morons among whom the SNP finds its voters. A Scottish general election has been scheduled for next year, and the party’s leadership wishes to regain the majority it lost in 2016. You don’t win elections by not telling punters what they want to hear. Think of London in the 1950s, where a large proportion of white people had never been further than Kent and couldn’t cope with listening to what a black person was saying without having as one of their major considerations “this guy is black”.

The second reason for Sturgeon’s announcement is that a huge amount of money in Scotland is getting pocketed in Covid-19 scams. If you’re making money from a scam, would you rather keep on doing it or stop? It’s a no-brainer. Many officials at town halls and in the regional and national administrations, arm in arm with their friends in the private sector, are profiting “very nicely thank you” from all the money the government has made available “to help us through these extraordinary times”. [1] There’s nothing that cunts at local councils like to hear more. Call them crooks and you’re an antisocial distraction, dangerous, dirty. They’re in seventh heaven and they want to stay there.


1) All the money paid out or “guaranteed” by governments “because of Covid-19” is at the end of the day underwritten by Big Finance. Guess who will have to pay it back.

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