Demand that the US stops honouring slavery

Three simple demands of the US government:

• formally recognise slavery as a crime against humanity;

• rename all cities and states that are currently named after slaveowners, such as Washington DC and New York [1];

• remove all honours given to slaveowners, for example the monuments and statues erected to them and the images of slaveowners Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Grant and Jackson that are currently printed on banknotes.


1) I am often surprised at how little this fact is known in the US, but New York was named after a slaveowner, namely the Duke of York, the mass murderer who later became James II of England and VII of Scotland. As soon as the Stuart family were reinstalled in England and Scotland in 1660 after the end of the republic (Commonwealth), they established the highly lucrative Royal African Company which operated from the City of London. James, Duke of York, was a leading figure in this Company which shipped thousands of African slaves each year across the Atlantic, and hundreds of thousands altogether. At least one in five died during the journey. Many were branded with the letters “DY” for “Duke of York” [2]. When English forces took over the Dutch colony of New Netherland and its city New Amsterdam in 1664, they renamed them both “New York” in honour of the slaveowning filthbag Duke, whose brother had recently returned to the throne and who was himself made the next king in 1685.

2) In those days, the slaving organisation didn’t use the IBM technology that the German SS employed in a later century to keep track of forced labourers (slaves) in its concentration camps, who were similarly physically branded, in their case with numbers.

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