A vegan revolution?:

I’ve been thinking about the history of our species – or its prehistory and history.

First there was the early stone age, during which we got our food from hunting and lived in widely dispersed clans.

Then there was the neolithic revolution when we domesticated animals – in the case of dogs, they may have domesticated us – and we not only started herding reindeer, keeping flocks, and growing plant food for our own consumption, but we also became more social both with each other and with dogs. Sure, we made tools that were more advanced than our previous ones, but tools are inanimate. The big change was in how living beings related to each other.

The next stage in our evolution is surely the vegan revolution, when we stop killing and exploiting animals and we use what passes for our intellect to choose to be friends with other species where possible, not exploiters and killers.

Of course to reach that stage, or in reaching it, we need to sort human society out too, so it will be bye bye to exploitation of humans by humans.

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